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External corrosion is a main contributing factor to underground pipeline failures and leaks. Corrosion of underground structures such as pipelines is controlled by the use of protective coatings and maintaining adequate levels of cathodic protection (CP). Coating acts as a physical and dielectric (low- or non-conductive) barrier. The protective coating acts as the primary or first line of defense against corrosion. However, no coating system is perfect.

To protect the pipe against corrosion at coating voids, cathodic protection current is applied. Effective cathodic protection can reduce the soil-side corrosion rate to a negligible level.

Our software in these cases can be used as a design tool to determine the best location for cathodic protection.

Atrasim Corrosion Planning

Corrosion Planning

Atrasim enables your organization to plan engineering projects based on locations that will reduce the impacts and costs of corrosion over the lifespan of your investment. 

Corrosion Mitigation

Atrasim enables your organization to choose cost-efficient corrosion prevention coatings and materials based on known corrosion factors for specific locations and applications.

Corrosion Prediction

Atrasim enables your organization to accurately evaluate the corrosion state of your existing structures, and reduces costly manual testing and prediction methods.

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