Asset Integrity Management

Atrasim Corrosion

Validate internal assessments and streamline internal workflows. 

Improve the efficiency and accuracy of materials selection and location selection for in-ground assets.

Improve the accuracy of regular and recurring corrosion reporting to extend the lifespan of assets.

Atrasim Corrosion Planning Feature

Main Advantages of Atrasim Corrosion

Simple Design, Modern Workflow

  • Atrasim Corrosion requires minimal knowledge of corrosion and finite element simulation and minimal training

  • With Atrasim, users are guided through a menu-based workflow that generates in-platform corrosion prediction results and reports, enables fast batch analysis, and supports data exports/API for further analysis

Greater Accuracy

  • While Atrasim’s solution offers an easy-to-follow graphical user interface, its backend is built with a proprietary analytical algorithm developed by one of the world’s leading corrosionists
  • Our algorithm uses fundamental electrochemical equations governing the corrosion domain, and considers different physicochemical features of alloy/environment to accurately simulate the corrosion rate of engineering alloys

  • Accuracy at scale leads to significant costs savings relative to dated models and approaches to corrosion assessment

Mission-Specific Models

  • Although different corrosion types are fundamentally similar, a specific model is required to predict each type of corrosion

  • Atrasim uses a powerful core algorithm that can be modified for different applications by focusing on the main requirements and variables of the alloy/environment system

  • Robust and scalable to many asset types, Atrasim provides a high level of accuracy which can be used to adopt the best mitigation strategies to minimize the chance of failure

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Atrasim is the next generation of corrosion analysis and asset integrity management.