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A significant portion of corrosion mitigation activities for transmission, distribution and telecom structures is focused on the embedded portion of poles and towers.

Foundations are critical to the assets’ stability and continuing service. However, determining corrosion risk in the structure’s deep burial area is often missed due to lack of knowledge about corrosion risk assessment.

By predicting the corrosion state of such structures, our software helps power and telecom sectors save time and money.

Atrasim Corrosion Planning

Corrosion Planning

Atrasim enables your organization to plan engineering projects based on locations that will reduce the impacts and costs of corrosion over the lifespan of your investment. 

Corrosion Mitigation

Atrasim enables your organization to choose cost-efficient corrosion prevention coatings and materials based on known corrosion factors for specific locations and applications.

Corrosion Prediction

Atrasim enables your organization to accurately evaluate the corrosion state of your existing structures, and reduces costly manual testing and prediction methods.

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Atrasim is the next generation of corrosion analysis and asset integrity management.