Meet The Team

Dr. Davood Nakhaie

“The Scientist”

Founder & CTO

Dr. Davood Nakhaie has more than 10 years of laboratory and industrial experience in corrosion and protection of metallic materials. He has published 20 peer-reviewed papers and is an active editor and reviewer of Corrosion Science and Metals. He is passionate about metallurgy in general, and corrosion science in particular. Davood’s background spans a diverse range of corrosion studies from multi-scale modeling of corrosion phenomena to passivity and localized corrosion of alloys. During his Ph.D., Davood developed a mathematical model, which later served as the core algorithm of Atrasim, to estimate soil corrosion of buried galvanized steel structures.

Hatef Khadivi, PhD

“The Creator”

Founder & CEO

Hatef is a generalist at heart, he has a wide variety of skills ranging from mechanical design to electronics to software and AI. He is currently working as a postdoc fellow at UBC developing a simulation software for heap leaching and consulting Sanctuary, a cutting edge robotics company, on robotic controls. Hatef finished his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering from UoB in Birmingham, UK and his PhD in Materials Engineering from UBC in Vancouver, Canada, where he chose to call home. Whenever he is not working on cutting edge robotic and software projects you can find him climbing mountains or deadlifting at the gym.

seriesMark Huvenaars, MBA

“The Marketer”

Founder & CRO

Mark is a proven revenue-driving digital marketer that has had the privilege to work with a range of B2B startups through his digital marketing agency, Railtown Media. From pre-revenue startups to supporting serious funding raises, Mark has worked with numerous startups to apply digital marketing and demand generation tactics to find and engage with prospects, and work with sales teams to convert them to customers. While pursuing his MBA at UBC, Mark and Hatef and two other founders developed a 3D printing marketplace, Insastsu3D. The bonds that were formed outlasted the business and Hatef and Mark teamed up again to tackle Atrasim. A proven entrepreneur and B2B marketer and entrepreneur, Mark bridges the gap between engineering and software, and revenue.

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