Corrosion in infrastructure (e.g. bridges, ramps and jetties) could cause serious damage and may lead to injuries. Corrosion monitoring of reinforced concrete structures can be quite challenging. It is hard to detect corrosion at the early stages; On the other hand, it is almost too late when we can see the corrosion signs on the surface. Detecting corrosion in concrete structures requires appropriate knowledge, proper inspection tools and experience.

On one hand, similar to utilities’ case, our software can predict early stage corrosion in these structures which helps respective organizations to conduct maintenance and repairs. On the other hand, our product can be used as a design tool to minimize the chance of corrosion failure.

Atrasim Corrosion Planning

Corrosion Planning

Atrasim enables your organization to plan engineering projects based on locations that will reduce the impacts and costs of corrosion over the lifespan of your investment. 

Corrosion Mitigation

Atrasim enables your organization to choose cost-efficient corrosion prevention coatings and materials based on known corrosion factors for specific locations and applications.

Corrosion Prediction

Atrasim enables your organization to accurately evaluate the corrosion state of your existing structures, and reduces costly manual testing and prediction methods.

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Atrasim is the next generation of corrosion analysis and asset integrity management.