Atrasim today announced it will compete in the OKGN Summit presented by Accelerate Okanagan

“The OKGN Angel Summit is a 10-week program designed to educate investors and startup companies from across British Columbia.

Through a guided process, angel investors receive training around the investment and due diligence process. This provides participants with a chance to actively learn how to vet companies, provide feedback, and perform due diligence in helping to support early-stage companies. Participating companies will learn about the capital raising process and how to effectively build relationships with prospective investors.

At the end of the program, 6 finalists will pitch to an audience of community members. During this finale, a winner will be chosen to receive a minimum investment of $100,000.”

Source: OKGN Summit

Atrasim’s focus for 2021 is rapid expansion and growth with a particular focus on customer acquisition and product development. Our team looks forward to learning from fellow entrepreneurs and building relationships with prospective investors.

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